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New Property Owner Information

Interested in Becoming A Program Participant?

Call our office at 315-343-3452 or stop by the office. We will provide you with a packet of information that you can review before making a final decision on whether to participate in the HCV program or not. We maintain a listing of all current property owners for tenants to review as they are searching for potential housing.

When a family approaches an owner to apply for tenancy, the owner is responsible for screening the family and deciding whether to lease to the family, just as the owner would with any potential unassisted tenant. The Rental Assistance Program has no liability or responsibility to the owner or other persons for the family’s behavior or suitability for tenancy.

If the owner is willing, the family and the owner must jointly complete a Request for tenancy Approval (RTA, Form HUD 52517), which constitutes the family's request for assistance in the specified unit, and which documents the owner’s willingness to lease to the family and to follow the program’s requirements. When submitted to the Rental Assistance Office, this document is the first step in the process of obtaining approval for the family to receive the financial assistance it will need in order to occupy the unit. Also submitted with the RTA is a copy of the owner’s proposed dwelling lease, including the HUD-required Tenancy Addendum (Form HUD-52641-A).

The owner must be qualified to participate in the program. Some owners are precluded from participating in the program, or from renting to a particular family, either because of their past history with this or another federal housing program, or because of certain conflicts of interest.  

The selected unit must meet HUD’s Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and/or equivalent state or local standards approved by HUD. The Rental Assistance Program will inspect the owner’s dwelling unit at least annually to ensure that the unit continues to meet requirements.  

The Rental Assistance Program must determine that the proposed rent for the unit is reasonable. The rent must be reasonable in relation to comparable unassisted units in the area and must not be in excess of rents charged by the owner for comparable, unassisted units on the premises.  

For more information, contact the office!!!

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